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A - Subscription

The annual subscription fee is fixed at MUR.1200.

The LGU is open to all women golfers with a maximum handicap of 36. The committee will review the subscription fee at the end of each year ending in December. The LGU is affiliated to the Mauritius Golf Federation. Any player wishing to join the LGU has to be in a member of the Mauritius Golf Federation. The sporting calendar of both the LGU and MGF is from January to December. Each member should inform the secretary of the LGU of any changes in her contact details (email, postal address, mobile number).

Rules & Etiquettes

B - Registration

Registration for all tournaments will be done online. In case of any cancellations kindly notify the secretary of LGU or the Pro shop where the tournament will be held by latest at 18h00 on the eve of the competition.
Tee off times have to be respected. Should a player be late or absent in a flight, the rest of the players within that group should proceed on time.
In a stableford competition, a latecomer may join in provided her space has not been filled in and should start from the tee of the following hole.
Any player who fails to inform her cancellation to the organisers before the start of the tournament will be suspended for future participation for a period of time determined by the LGU committee.
The calendar of the LGU is available on their website and the invitation for each tournament will be sent by email normally fifteen days before the day of the event.

C - Dress Code
Members are required to be dressed appropriately at all times. Trousers, Bermuda shorts, skorts, golf dresses, polos with a collar and soft spike golf shoes are acceptable.
Jeans, shorts, gym wear, collarless polos, tee-shirts, and sandals are not permissible.

D - Invitation
An LGU member may invite a non-member. However, there will be a guest fee of MUR 500 in addition to the green fees. The Annual LGU Championship is open only tp LGU members.The member will be responsible for her guest’s adherence to the LGU etiquette and rules.

E- Golf rules and etiquette
Every player participating in a tournament should know the rules of golf. However, if there is a disagreement on a particular golf rule during play and there is no Marshall available then the player should play two balls and the ruling can be checked at the club house by the committee.
Every member should make a conscious effort to respect the golf rules, dress code and have good sporting behaviour.
In addition to the R&A rules, local rules of the club will apply.

F - Handicap
The onus is on each player to a check her handicap before the start of a tournament.

G - Respect and behaviour on the course

1-  At all times players should behave in a disciplined manner showing courtesy and sportsmanship towards fellow competitors. Using unwarranted language and aggressive behaviour (e.g.throwing clubs, kicking the ball, shouting...) will not be tolerated and disciplinary action will be taken by the committee.

2  If there are Preferred Lies,  please mark your ball before lifting it from the fairway. Do not place the ball using your club. Please avoid using a tee to mark a ball on the green. A small flat marker is more suitable.

3  Please replace your divots, rake the bunkers, repair your pitch marks and repair any visible marks on the greens even if they were not caused by you. Each player should be responsible at all times and ensure not to cause any damage to the golf course with their equipment. Please respect all boundaries demarcated on golf course when using a club car. Do not walk with a golf trolley on the tee, green and between bunkers and the green.

4  Mobile phones should be switched off during tournaments.

5  Please refrain from moving, speaking, walking or standing too close to a player and being in her line of sight when the  player is at address. Before taking a practice swing please ensure that there is nobody behind you and it is safe to do so.


6  If your shot is in danger of hitting or landing very close to another golfer or group of players on the golf course you should shout out “fore” to warn players to watch out.

7 Avoid slow play. Recommended time for 18 holes for a four ball is 4h30. Make sure to always keep in pace with the group in front of you. The time allowed for searching for a lost ball has been reduced to 3 minutes as from January 2019.

8  You are recommended to put an identification mark on your ball. Normally you are only allowed to change balls after completing each hole and by announcing this to your marker. However, if you notice that your ball has a cut or a crack you may change it immediately. With the 2019 rules, you are now permitted to change balls anytime a free or a penalty relief is taken. 


9 During a tournament, a player must neither ask for advice nor give advice. There is a two shot penalty for breaching this rule. For example, asking a player which club she used before you have taken your shot is not permitted.  You are allowed to look in her bag which club she has used but without touching the golf bag. 


10  Players should ensure that they have no more than 14 clubs in their golf bag. The penalty is 2 shots per hole with a maximum of 4 shots for the round for breaching this rule


11  Please ensure that when teeing up your ball on the tee box it is between the two  tee markers not in front and no more than two club lengths back. There is a two shot penalty for teeing off from the wrong area.


12  If you think that your ball is lost or out of bounds to save time play a provisional ball or as a local rule drop a ball in the vicinity of where it was lost or went out of bounds including on the nearest fairway for a two-stroke penalty. This local rule is only valid if it has been announced by the committee at the start of the tournament.


13  At the end of the game, check and sign your card.


14  Any complaint will be dealt with confidentially. It must be in writing and contain only the facts. A complaint involving the behaviour of a member must be signed by a witness and sent to the President of the LGU.


15  Any player who abandons a game without a valid reason will be disqualified. No refund shall be granted.


16  As a matter of courtesy towards the sponsor, prizes will be allocated to the next in line if the prizewinner is not present at the prizing giving ceremony. The committee will decide if the prize will be kept if the winner has a genuine reason for being absent or if the prize will be put in a lucky draw.


H - Enforcement of Rules

All LGU members must adhere to the internal and general rules and regulations. If the behaviour of a member is detrimental to the LGU, the golf club and to its members, the committee of the LGU can give a warning, suspend or expel a member after having heard her explanation. 


I - Future projects

The LGU has projects to organise golfing trips abroad such as Reunion Island, Dubai, South Africa...These trips will be financed solely by each individual member. 

Members will be notified by email for these events.

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